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How to Create Your Dream Gallery Wall

Below are five common gallery wall types and the design principles that you can use to plan and achieve each style.

How to Design a Nursery Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a beautiful way to liven up a nursery or kids’ room – plus, they are a great way to display meaningful mementos from a baby’s first years.

Unique Gifts for Travellers Under $100

It's that time of year again - we're so excited to share our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide! Our gift guide features some of our favorite gifts for travel lovers, and all under $100.

Wall Decals For Your Nursery

We have had several requests throughout the year for wallpaper-sized art prints, so we have been working with our printer to bring you larger scale designs.

New Illustrated Maps of all 50 US States

Introducing our latest collection - all fifty US states fully illustrated with painted landmarks unique to each state.

Love Idioms From All Over the World

Happy Love Day! Few topics have inspired such a wide array of proverbs, idioms, and expressions as romantic love. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we've listed below our favorite idioms about love from different cultures all over the world.

Gifts for Travel Lovers Under $100

The holiday season is quickly approaching (or rather, it's been here since the end of October), so we've rounded up 10 of our favorite travel-related gift ideas on Etsy.

9 Tips for Creating a Beautiful Scandinavian Nursery

Defined by clean lines, bright spaces, raw materials, and muted color palettes - Scandinavian design is an elegant aesthetic for the modern nursery.

52 Ways to Drink Coffee From Around the World

Ranging from the Franziskaner in Austria to the Ca Phe Sua Da in Vietnam, we assembled a compendium of over fifty coffee drinks and recipes.

August Free Printables

To celebrate the launch of our new illustrated map collection, we are offering two free French-themed printables to complete your travel-inspired gallery wall. 

Fuel Your Wanderlust with Our Newest Collection...

Our illustrated maps are handpainted and feature dozens of landmarks and regional foods from around the world.

Shop Small | 10 Unique Gifts for Foodies

Today, we've rounded up our top ten favorite gifts for foodies.

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