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Anatomy of a French Meal Art Print & Giveaway

Anatomy of a French Meal Art Print & Giveaway

Happy Monday!

We are super excited to introduce the first print of a new collection on food and meal cultures around the world.

Our new print is an illustrated diagram of the typical dishes found in a seven-course French meal. All twenty-seven dishes are researched and handpainted by our team.

Our inspiration for this print comes from our co-founder Jorge's memories of Sunday meals with his French grandparents - where meals were a multi-course and beautiful affair. 

The Giveaway

We are collaborating with a lovely blog, The Simply Luxurious Life, to offer a giveaway for this print - so make sure to head over to the blog and enter :) The print makes a perfect gift for the foodie and/or Francophile in your life!

The giveaway closes on December 10th so we can make sure the winner receives their print by Christmas!

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